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CEUDI Mission


"The CEU Democracy Institute strives to enable the renewal and strengthening of democratic and open societies through world-class research, collaboration across academic and professional disciplines, teaching and learning via the free exchange of ideas, and public engagement on a local, regional, and global scale."

- CEU Democracy Institute mission statement

The CEU Democracy Institute strives to:    

  • Explore democracy not just as a set of abstract  ideas  but as a way of life practiced,  perceived, and accessed by citizens, activists, and politicians.    
  • Foster  collaboration  among a dynamic international network of scholars and practitioners, with a  wholly  comparative  approach to topics of both regional and global significance.
  • Bring together  some of CEU’s best minds and luminaries from around the world, with a special emphasis on knowledge emerging from the Global South.    
  • Form research teams comprised of recognized thought leaders on political  science,  gender, public policy, history, sociology, philosophy, law, economy, network and data science,  climate change  and cognitive science  to  produce new cross-disciplinary knowledge.
  • Contribute to new  transnational forms of teaching  about democracy  at  universities globally.
  • Connect with citizens and policy makers alike to  drive a more integrated approach to understanding democracy.
  • Serve as a high-level convener, hosting distinguished academics and practitioners for sabbaticals, short-term fellowships, and public  dialogues  to expand  visibility and reach.
  • Engage the public in an open exchange of ideas  and  host public debates, performances, and conferences at CEU’s Budapest and Vienna campuses and with partners worldwide.