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Academic Articles

Here you’ll find academic articles written by DI researchers.

Vera Messing, Bence Sagvari: Are Anti-Immigrant Attitudes the Holy Grail of Populists?

Feeling of control, basic human values, and political orientation are the most significant elements influencing attitudes towards immigrants, our Research Fellow Vera Messing and Bence Sagvari (Centre for Social Sciences) write in their article published in Intersections - East European Journal of Society and Politics.

Dimitry Kochenov, Jacquelyn Veraldi: The Commission Against the Internal Market and European Union Citizens’ Rights: Trying To Shoot Down Sputnik With the “Digital Green Certificate”?

The Digital Green Certificate proposed by the European Commission has the “potential to facilitate greater free movement restrictions for a large number of EU citizens,” Dimitry Kochenov and Jacquelyn Veraldi write in their article in European Journal of Risk Regulation, published online by Cambridge University Press.

Erin K. Jenne et al.: Mapping Populism and Nationalism in Leader Rhetoric Across North America and Europe

“Neither populism nor nationalism is on the rise across Europe and North America over the past twenty years; instead, the rise is concentrated in sub-regions and specific countries,” our Research Affiliate Erin K. Jenne, and co-authors Kirk A. Hawkins and Bruno Castanho Silva write in their article published in Studies in Comparative International Development.

Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Dimitry Kochenov: The Loss of Face for Everyone Concerned: EU Rule of Law in the Context of the ‘Migration Crisis’

"No winners emerge out of a consideration of the two key EU crises side-by-side: the ‘migration crisis’ (…) and the ‘rule of law crisis’,” Barbara Grabowska-Moroz and Dimitry Kochenov write in their latest article.

Erin K. Jenne et al: Emerging Diasporas: Exploring Mobilization Outside the Homeland

In their article published in Journal of Peace Research, our Research Affiliate Erin Kristin Jenne and co-authors Connor Kopchick, Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham and Stephen Saideman examine factors that may impact when emigrated groups mobilize after they move.

Erin K. Jenne: Populism, Nationalism and Revisionist Foreign Policy

“Nationalism has greater destructive effects for the international system when combined with populism, demonstrating the importance of distinguishing nationalism and populism conceptually in order to isolate their separate and combined effects on foreign policy,” our Research Affiliate Erin Kristin Jenne argues in her article published in International Affairs.

Michael Zeller: Demobilizing Far-Right Demonstration Campaigns

“Studies of social movements have often focused on mobilization and campaigning; by comparison, demobilization has received little attention,” Michael Zeller, researcher of DI’s Building Resilience Against Violent Extremism and Polarization (BRaVE) project writes in his article published by Social Movement Studies.

Petra Bard: Rule of Law Backsliding in the European Union

“Continuous Rule of Law backsliding in the Member States and the EU institutions’ lack of willingness to stop this trend show the ugly face of the European Union,” Petra Bard and her co-authors, Barbara Grabowska-Moroz and Viktor Zoltan Kazai write in their article published as part of RECONNECT.

Mihaly Fazekas: Partisan Procurement: Contracting with the United States Federal Government, 2003–2015

Given the sums the U.S federal government spends on buying goods and services from outside of the public sector, strategic government purchasing can have electoral consequences.