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Academic Articles

Here you’ll find academic articles written by DI researchers.

Stephen Stec, Antoni Abat et al.: Developing Normative Criteria for Meaningful Citizen Participation and Deliberation in Environmental Policy

“The European Green Deal (EGD) represents the most ambitious environmental policy framework in European history,” Stephen Stec, lead researcher of our Environment and Democracy Workgroup, our Post-doctoral Fellow Antoni Abat i Ninet, and their co-authors write in their article in Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research.

Zsuzsanna Arendas, Agnieszka Trabka, Vera Messing, Marta Jadviga Pietrusinska, Dominika Winogrodzka: Agency of Migrant Youth in Hostile Sociopolitical Environments: Case Studies from Central Eastern Europe

“The structural constraints imposed by hostile states’ anti-immigration and anti-integration attitudes significantly limit migrants’ options for coping with everyday life,” our researchers, Zsuzsanna Arendas and Vera Messing, and their co-authors write in their article in Social Sciences.

Balint Madlovics, Balint Magyar: Towards a Set of Indices for Relational Economy on the Example of Hungary

“While informal relations between economic and political actors are prevalent in post-communist economies, proper tools for their quantitative measurement are lacking,” our researchers, Balint Madlovics and Balint Magyar write in their article in Acta Oeconomica.

Dimitry Kochenov, Sarah Ganty: EU Lawlessness Law: Europe’s Passport Apartheid From Indifference To Torture and Killing

“We explain how EU lawlessness law operates, how the EU pays for it, how it passes legal scrutiny and what its objectives are,” Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher of our Rule of Law workgroup and Research Affiliate Sarah Ganty write in their Jean Monnet Working Paper.

Zsolt Cziganyik, Judit Banhazi: The Cyclical Nature of History, According to Anthony Burgess in the Light of the Augustinian–Pelagian Dichotomy of the Wanting Seed

“The interpretation of time has been a challenge to philosophers, writers, and common people alike since the dawn of mankind, more precisely, since the appearance of ancient, natural religions,” our Research Fellow Zsolt Cziganyik and Judit Banhazi (ELTE) write in their article in The AnaChronisT.

Milan W. Svolik, Elena Avramovska, Johanna Lutz, Filip Milacic: In Europe, Democracy Erodes from the Right

“When faced with a choice between democracy and partisan loyalty, policy priorities, or ideological dogmas, who will put democracy first?”, our Research Affiliate Filip Milacic, Milan W. Svolik, Elena Avramovska and Johanna Lutz ask in their latest article in Journal of Democracy. 

András Sajó: Regimes of Cheating and the (A)morality of Illiberalism

“In their exercise of power, illiberal democracies—as plebiscitarian leader democracies—rely on systematic falsification of facts and ideas and rule by cheating,” our Senior Research Fellow Andras Sajo writes in his article in the Journal of Illiberalism Studies.

Julia Sonnevend, Olivia Steiert: The Power of Predictability: How Angela Merkel Constructed Her Authenticity on Instagram

“Instead of shaping her online persona according to the traditions and style of Instagram, Merkel attempted to bend Instagram to host her unique persona,” our Research Affiliate Julia Sonnevend and her PhD student Olivia Steiert write in New Media & Society.

Alexander Bor, Frederik Jorgensen, Michael Bang Petersen: Discriminatory Attitudes Against the Unvaccinated During a Global Pandemic

In their article in Nature, our Post-doctoral Fellow Alexander Bor and co-authors Frederik Jorgensen and Michael Bang Petersen quantify discriminatory attitudes between vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens in 21 countries.

Zsuzsanna Arendas, Vera Messing: ‘I Was Told the Position Has Already Been Filled’ – Barriers to Mobility and Coping Strategies of Highly Qualified Roma Youth on Their Way to the Business Sector in Hungary

Our research fellows Vera Messing and Zsuzsanna Arendas wrote for the East European Journal of Society and Politics about the barriers to mobility and coping strategies of highly qualified Roma youth on their way to the business sector in Hungary.