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DI Publishes Its Annual Report

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Annual Report of the 2022/23 Academic Year, which is another testament to our unyielding dedication to the advancement of democracy through research, collaboration across academic and professional disciplines, free exchange of ideas, and public engagement.

The report encapsulates a year of profound insights, groundbreaking studies, high-profile events and meaningful contributions to the realm of democracy studies.

“DI has made great advances this year in expanding its global collaborative research ties and launching the OSUN Forum on democracy and development. Our new projects with European partners combine research, teaching and advocacy on issues of democratization and the rule of law. In Hungary, DI continued its successful outreach programs with a strong focus on civic education for democracy,” said our Director, Laszlo Bruszt.

“We continued to grow our global audience through the Review of Democracy -- expanding its editorial coverage and our live events. The new CEU Democracy Institute Leadership Academy reaches young political and civil society leaders seeking to keeping European democracy alive. With the generous support of our donors DI has also launched a solidarity initiative to support academics facing autocracy,” our Senior Research Fellow and former Co-director Renata Uitz added.