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DI Publishes Its First Annual Report

We are happy to announce our first ever Annual Report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the work undertaken by the CEU Democracy Institute.

The report summarizes the first two years of the DI, highlighting the most important achievements, publications, events, and giving an insight into our research that addresses some of the biggest challenges to democracy in our world today.

“I’m proud of our important new publications and our colleagues who have received prestigious research funding. During the year, we welcomed a new cohort of post-doctoral researchers and colleagues who were threatened by Russian aggression in Ukraine. There is a fast-growing community around the DI off and online, including readers of the Review of Democracy,” said our Co-Director, Renata Uitz.

“There are lots of institutional challenges in a changing local and global political environment that justify the need for DI. With dozens of new research projects, exciting new publications and inspiring new colleagues, we continue to position the Institute in European and global research networks,” our Co-Director, Laszlo Bruszt added.

Download the report here, or via the link below.