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Abel Beremenyi: ‘The More Successful, the More Apolitical’. Romani Mentors’ Mixed Experiences With an Intra-Ethnic Mentoring Project

“Mentoring remains highly apolitical, having as its primary object ‘people to be developed’ and not the structure that is to do the developing,” our Research Fellow Abel Beremenyi writes in his article published by the British Journal of Sociology of Education.

The paper discusses Romani mentors’ mixed experiences, views and coping practices in an intra-ethnic ‘natural mentoring’ project targeting young Romani students in Spain. “The intervention transforms already existing intra-ethnic bonds into mentorships in local Spanish Romani communities,” Abel Beremenyi writes.

To meet the aims of the research, observations were conducted at mentors’ follow-up meetings and other project activities, and individual semi-structured interviews were held with three female and three male mentors. The mentors’ mixed views and experiences are analyzed in four dimensions: competence, commitment, project operation and sociocultural change.

Read the full paper here.

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