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Abel Beremenyi, Xavier Rambla (eds.): Transiciones de la escuela al trabajo en condiciones de vulnerabilidad social en Europa y América Latina

The latest special issue of Profesorado, a journal of University of Granada dedicated to education issues, co-edited by our Research Affiliate Abel Beremenyi and Xavier Rambla, focuses on the school/training-to-work transition among vulnerable youth in different geographical and policy contexts. Its contributors put the spotlight on young people from social minorities, ethnic and racialized groups that display functional diversity and/or have experiences of social exclusion, and also on those experiencing high levels of daily mobility due to their disadvantaged geographic location.

The articles in School-to-work transitions amid social vulnerability in Europe and Latin America highlight the diversity of structural, institutional, and social conditions that influence the school/training-to-work transition and the lived experiences and responses developed by the young people who are facing these new and old challenges. In the long term, investigating experiences of transitions between stages of life, especially in times of change, can help us understand the deeper structures and relationships of society.

With this publication, Abel Beremenyi concludes the Marie Sklodowska-Curie project NGOization of school-to-work transition among Roma youth (NGOST), hosted by the CEU Democracy Institute in 2019-21.

Learn more about the special issue here.

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