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Alexander Bor on Discriminatory Attitudes Against Unvaccinated

“There is growing tension in society about who vaccinates and who doesn't, and what rules we make along those lines,” our Post-doctoral Fellow Alexander Bor said to Telex.

The article reviews the Nature article written by him, Frederik Jorgensen and Michael Bang Petersen.

“It was great that we had vaccines against the coronavirus so soon after the outbreak, but it soon became clear that it is very difficult to get so many people to get vaccinated for their own and others' sake,” Alexander Bor said, adding that “it is the superpower of humanity that huge groups and communities can work for a common goal, for the common good. One of the secrets of this is that we instinctively see cooperation as a moral duty, and we have a strong aversion to those who break the norm, to stowaways.”

“In cultures with stronger norms of cooperation, vaccinated individuals react more negatively towards unvaccinated individuals. For example, in Denmark, with a high level of cooperation and a stricter culture, attitudes towards unvaccinated individuals are more negative,” he argued.

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.

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