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Andras Bozoki on the Upcoming Hungarian Elections

There are technical problems within the joint opposition, but these will be solved, our Research Affiliate Andras Bozoki said to the Italian magazine Reset.

The victory of Peter Marki-Zay in the opposition primaries surprised the parties, and he doesn’t have a good relationship with them, but they are in the same boat, their goal is to defeat Viktor Orban, he added.

Bozoki thinks that Orban is in trouble, and he is becoming increasingly unpopular, based on opinion polls. “Radios and televisions close to him try to convey the message that everything is going well, but that's not true. The country got into serious debt during the pandemic,” he continued.

He also thinks that if the opposition were to win, important problems would also arise. “Orbán has created a kind of deep state, with key men in the main apparatus of the state. Even if the opposition wins, it will be difficult to remove these people,” he said, adding that “the impression is that the Prime Minister wants to prepare a scenario whereby if he loses there will be a chaotic situation and he will be able to return after a couple of years.”

Read the full article (in Italian) here.

Image: Wikimedia Commons / European People’s Party
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