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Andrea Krizsan Participates in CFR Roundtable on Democratic Regression and the Backlash Against Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

The Lead Researcher of our Inequalities and Democracy Working Group Andrea Krizsan participated in a Council on Foreign Relations Roundtable on democratic regression and the rollback of gender equality.

virtual roundtable


The virtual roundtable was part of the Council on Foreign Relations' Roundtable Series on Women and Foreign Policy. Andrea Krizsan and Saskia Brechenmacher, fellow in the Democracy, Conflict and Governance Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace discussed their research on autocratic and illiberal governments that have rolled back women’s rights and gender equality. The discussion explored various motivations for the rollback of rights and erosion of democracy in contexts as varied as Brazil, Hungary, India, and Turkey. 

Watch the recording of the roundtable here.

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