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Andrea Krizsan, Conny Roggeband: Reconfiguring State–Movement Relations in the Context of De-democratization

“De-democratization and hostility to gender equality alter relations between states and feminists,” our Senior Research Fellow Andrea Krizsan and her co-author Conny Roggeband write in their article published in the special issue of Oxford University Press’ Social Politics.

The authors propose “the integration of anti-gender actors into the analysis,” and suggest “moving away from the assumption that transactional activism targeting states is the most effective strategy for feminists to respond to such hostile contexts and discuss the potential of more diversified forms of engagement.”

To illustrate their conceptual framework, they look at changing political dynamics in three recent democracies: Croatia, Hungary, and Poland.

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The issue  will be launched by a webinar organized by the journal and Oxford University Press together with the Special Issue editors.

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Cover image: Flickr / Grzegorz Żukowski
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