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Andrea Peto, Andras Bozoki et al.: Anti-Genderism in Europe

Systematic attacks on gender equality are intensifying worldwide and are already part of government action in several EU Member States. With questioning basic human rights and being motivated mostly by right-wing populist or fundamentalist ideas, they endanger democracy.

From an international and interdisciplinary perspective, the contributors of the volume, Anti-Genderism in Europe analyze anti-genderism as a strategic tool of emotionalizing, mobilizing and networking within the right-wing spectrum and the religious right. With a special focus on the situation of some Central and Eastern European countries, and taking into account experiences from LGBTIQ activism, they discuss how this development can be countered in a constructive and resistant manner.

The volume features chapters from our researchers, Andrea Peto (Attacks Against Scientific Institutions and Their Instrumentalization in Illiberal Regimes), Andras Bozoki (Xenophobia and Power Politics: The Hungarian Far Right, co-authored with Sarah Cueva, available online here), and also Erzsebet Barat, Visiting Professor at CEU Department of Gender Studies (Reclaiming Hegemonic Masculinity in the Context of Populism, available online here).

You can learn more about the book here.