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Andrea Peto: Connecting Conversations on Antisemitism, Holocaust, Gender, and Colonialism

Our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto gave a talk at CEU in Vienna addressing the relationship among antisemitism, the Holocaust, colonialism, and gender. It is is based on the collaborative OSUN network course taught together with David Feldman (Birkbeck, University of London), Yair Wallach (School of African and Oriental Studies), Merle Williams, and Adam Levin, PHD (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg).

It addresses topics that are of urgent global importance in our era of continuing discrimination, forced migration, socially sanctioned violence – and war. It promotes new teaching and thinking about the relationships among four distinct, but overlapping, historical, cultural, and political phenomena: antisemitism, the Holocaust, colonialism, and gender. Each of these terms becomes a lens through which to examine exclusion, prejudice, discrimination, race, and hate in their historical and contemporary manifestations. These questions are widely discussed in their contexts, with antisemitism and the Holocaust treated as conceptually and historically distinct from forms of racism rooted in colonial legacies. This talk aims to map how this OSUN course reframes vital discussions (such as investigations of the Holocaust and gender discrimination) that currently take place in parallel or are even pursued in an antagonistic manner.

Watch the recording:

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