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Andrea Peto on Far-Right Attacks in Germany

There are academics, intellectuals, workers and students among those joining to far-right groups, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said to Argentinian news portal Infobae, adding that they see a desirable and different future outside liberal values.

The article covers the increase in violent far-right attacks in Germany, which soared to record levels in 2020. Andrea Peto suggests that the solution not only includes increasing security, but also offering inclusive, meaningful and charming alternatives within the democratic system.

She also talked about how internet and social media changed the context and made it possible to reach a much larger number of people and how “Germany's economic policy continues to be based on austerity and no spending, which means increasing social inequality, which necessarily translates into political polarization,” adding that “the enormous amount of funds invested in the institutionalization of memory policies did not have a real impact on the fundamental roots of discrimination and hatred” in Germany.

Read the full article (in Spanish) here.