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Andrea Peto: Far-Right Expectations of Women in Central-Eastern Europe

In her new book chapter, our Research Affiliate, Andrea Peto investigates the construction of gender in the far right ideology in Central and Eastern Europe.

The chapter is published in The Routledge Handbook of Gender in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia (e dited By Katalin Fabian, Janet Elise Johnson and Mara Lazda), a key reference for contemporary historical and political approaches to gender in Central-Eastern Europe and Eurasia. Leading scholars examine the region’s highly diverse politics, histories, cultures, ethnicities, and religions, and how these structures intersect with gender alongside class, sexuality, coloniality, and racism.

With a focus on defining debates, the collection considers how the shared experiences, especially communism, affect political forces’ organization of gender through a broad variety of topics including feminisms, ideology, violence, independence, regime transition, and public policy.

It is a foundational collection that will become invaluable to scholars and students across a range of disciplines including Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Central-Eastern European and Eurasian Studies.

Learn more about the book here.