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Andrea Peto on the Goal of Anti-Abortionists

“The project to abolish the right to abortion in the United States is part of a global context of contestation of women's rights by conservative forces,” our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto writes in her article in Le Monde.

“In Europe, where legislation varies from country to country, the debate on reproductive rights is more focused on population decline,” she continues. “As a result, the European Commission has created a "demography" portfolio (…) Illiberal governments, on the other hand, are implementing various family policy measures that promote marriage (e.g., joint loans for married couples in Hungary) and encourage childbearing (e.g., parents are exempt from income tax in Hungary and Poland)”, she continues.

“Globally, the attacks on reproductive rights are bringing together very different forces: conservative political movements, religious fundamentalists, illiberal pragmatists and the war-mongers of Russian President Vladimir Putin. And there is much more at stake than abortion rights: the goal is to create a liveable and desirable offer to oppose liberal democracies for their supporters,” she argues.

Read the full article (in French, subscription may be required) here.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Lorie Shaull