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Andrea Peto: Paradigm Change in Holocaust Remembrance

“There is no other European country that has been mentioned as often as Hungary in discussions about the conservative turn in memory politics,” our Research Affiliate, Andrea Peto writes in her chapter in Conservatism and Memory Politics in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The book, edited by Katalin Miklossy and Markku Kangaspuro, discusses the diverse practices and discourses of memory politics in Russia and Eastern Europe. Andrea Peto’s chapter examines the long list of interventions in the field of memory politics by the Hungarian government in the past decade: erecting Second World War monuments at night, rehabilitating controversial politicians of the interwar times, rewriting the history curriculum in secondary education, founding a number of historical research institutions and museums to re-educate the masses and to give legitimacy to new cadres in history etc.

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Cover image: Monument to the victims of German occupation in Budapest. Source: Wikimedia Commons / Szilas