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Andrea Peto: Politics of Memory in Edith Bruck's Three Visits to Tiszakarád

In her book chapter DI Researcher Andrea Peto reflects upon the three visits of Edith Bruck, Holocaust survivor and author of several books, to her former hometown in rural Hungary.

The chapter, Politics of Memory in Edith Bruck’s Three Visits to Tiszakarád, was published in the volume Postmigrantisch gelesen – Transnationalität, Gender, Care (Transcript Verlag, 2020), which understands migration as a social practice that is politically, medially and socially controversial, negotiated and regulated - and at the same time has a lasting impact on societies.

The contributions do not focus on 'the migrants', but on the interweaving of different actors, stories and contexts. Post-migrant perspectives are brought together with transnational, post-colonial and diversity-conscious approaches and expanded with the help of a decidedly feminist, gender-sociological, intersectional perspective.