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Andrea Peto, Ayse Gul Altinay: Transformative Activism: Feminist and Queer Imaginaries

“How do feminist and queer activist imaginaries respond to, initiate, mitigate, enable and complicate the ongoing process of radical transformation in the world?” Our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto and Ayse Gul Altinay try to answer this question in Transformative Activism: Feminist and Queer Imaginaries, the recent special issue of the European Journal of Women's Studies.

Through insightful analysis, the issue provides insight into how the famous feminist dictum, ‘the personal is political’, finds new expression in this time of climatic, pandemic, economic and political crises, especially in the context of Europe. The editors wanted it to be an invitation to co-imagine an even better story of feminist solidarity, “one that builds on the inspiring history of life-changing solidarity that has shaped feminist and LGBTIQ+ struggles globally as well as its limitations and challenges.”

Andrea Peto also contributed as a co-author to a couple of articles to the issue: Feminist+ solidarity as transformative politics and Women’s courageous resistance to gender apartheid in Afghanistan: A conversation with Shaharzad Akbar.

Learn more about the special issue here.