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Andrea Peto on Women and the Far Right

Working women in precarious conditions do not experience labor as emancipation, but as exploitation, our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said to Polityka.

She links the fact that in Hungary more women vote for Viktor Orban than men to the discrediting of the post-transition economic system and to the discrediting of the left that supported it. “Neoliberalism has created a neo-patriarchy: it dismantled the welfare state, undermined social solidarity, and rejected the structural reforms needed for true equality,” she argued.

“The result is a system that accepts individual women in positions of power, but leaves the masses of women behind. This causes many of them doubt the sincerity of the equality narrative and seek alternative support in anti-modern and nationalist projects, based on familism and far-right extremism,” she continued.

Read the full article (in Polish, registration may be required) here.

Cover photo: Facebook / Orban Viktor