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Andrea Peto on Women in Higher Education

“I wonder how parents of girls will feel about their children's life chances being determined by the state again,” our Research Affiliate Andrea Peto said to

She reflected on a recent report by the Hungarian State Audit Office, which claims that “the significant over-representation of women in higher education may cause demographic problems, as it makes finding a partner more difficult, as well as potentially leading to the risk of a reduction in childbearing.”

She referred to a previous video by Hungarian President Katalin Novak, in which she spoke about women not having to do highly qualified, intellectual work. Andrea Peto said that “it was already clear that the direct exclusion of women from Hungarian higher education had begun. Men should receive the diminishing resources, just as the numerus clausus was originally intended to squeeze women out of Hungarian higher education, only even then they did not let a good crisis go to waste and quickly regulated the Jews.”

“Now they are testing public opinion and normalizing discrimination,” she added.

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.