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Andreas Schedler: Minimalist Storytelling: The Natural Framing of Electoral Violence by Mexican Media

Adapting to the enduring epidemic of violence, Mexican print media “have adopted a minimalist reporting style that gives only thin, formulaic accounts of violent events,” Andreas Schedler, lead researcher of our De- and Re-Democratization Workgroup writes in his article in The Journal of Politics in Latin America.

During the first two decades of the twenty-first century, Mexico’s so-called drug war claimed around a quarter of a million lives. Andreas Schedler argues that “established journalistic minimalism does more than provide little information about violence. With practiced impassiveness, it frames violence in a way that creates a certain narrative: not of social actors to be understood but of natural events to be endured.”

Through a qualitative content analysis of over 1200 news reports, he examines “the persistent force of this “natural” frame in the face of an extraordinary development: the unprecedented intrusion of political violence into the 2018 general elections, when forty-eight candidates were assassinated.”

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Cover photo: Flickr / Knight Foundation (CC BY-SA 2.0)
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