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Anna Fejos, Dorottya Szikra: Women’s NGOs in Illiberal Democracies

The increasingly populist and nationalist governing forces have become hostile against actors upholding feminist values, but they embrace or even create organizations that promote traditionalist agendas, according to a new book on the changing landscape of civil society and women's organizations, co-edited by our Junior Research Fellow Anna Fejos and Research Fellow Dorottya Szikra, and published by the Institute for Sociology of the Center for Social Sciences.

There was a major restructuring of government funding, the authors write, adding that the most secure and largest funding is received by organizations engaged in strategic partnership with the government. Governmental intervention had a huge impact also on the possibilities of cooperation between civil society actors. 

You may download the book (in Hungarian) here. A report with the main takeaways is available in English here.

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