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Anna Wojcik on the EU’s Approval of Poland’s Recovery Funds

“Granting the Polish government more leeway and time over this process is an unnecessary concession,” our Research Affiliate Anna Wojcik said to The Guardian.

“It will backfire on the commission and diminish the trust of the rule-of-law defenders in its actions as ‘the guardian of the treaties’,” she continued. The bill passed in the Polish parliament merely changed the name of the body tasked with judicial disciplinary cases, she argued, adding that “it does not address the core problem with the process of appointing judges in Poland that raises questions over their independence against EU law and European convention standards: the fact that a politicized body, the National Council for Judiciary, is key in recommending who can be a judge in Poland.”

“It’s not proof of the government’s sudden change of heart and a return to democratic values in Poland. It’s just an attempt to play a long game of ‘catch me if you can’ and trying to get as many euros before the elections as possible,” she concluded.

Read the full article here.

Anna Wojcik was also quoted on the same topic in Liberation. Read the article (in French, subscription required) here.

Photo: European Union, 2022 / Dati Bendo
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