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Zsuzsanna Árendás, Judit Durst, Noémi Katona, Vera Messing: The Limits of Trading Cultural Capital: Returning Migrant Children and Their Educational Trajectory in Hungary

“There is little qualitative research on the effects of emigration from Hungary in recent decades,” our Research Fellows Zsuzsanna Arendas and Vera Messing, and co-authors Judit Durst and Noemi Katona write in their chapter in Children and Youths' Migration in a Global Landscape.

Filling that void, the authors analyze “the effects of social stratification and inequalities on the outcomes of transnational mobilities, especially on the educational trajectory of returning migrant children.” The “qualitative research indicates that for returning migrants not only their available capitals in a Bourdieasian sense but also their (de)valuation by the different Hungarian schools has direct consequences on mobility-affected educational trajectories, on the individual outcomes of mobilities, and the circumstances of return and chances for reintegration.”

Read the full chapter here.

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