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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Dimitry Kochenov: The Loss of Face for Everyone Concerned: EU Rule of Law in the Context of the ‘Migration Crisis’

"No winners emerge out of a consideration of the two key EU crises side-by-side: the ‘migration crisis’ (…) and the ‘rule of law crisis’,” Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Research Fellow in our Rule of Law workgroup and the workgroup’s lead researcher, Dimitry Kochenov write in their article published by the Leuven Faculty of Law in the Reconnect Working Paper series.

The article explores the connections between rule of law backsliding and the deterioration of EU / Hungarian approaches to migration, especially the constant attempts both at national and supranational levels to switch off the right to claim asylum in the EU.

Read the paper here.

Image: Pixabay / Capri23auto 
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