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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz at the European Court of Human Rights

Five Polish lawyers and activists, including our Post-doctoral Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz brought the case of wiretapping and mass data collection by Polish security agencies to the European Court of Human Rights.

Under the 2016 national security law, Polish authorities no longer must inform anyone being surveilled. The applicants claim that this leaves citizens without an opportunity to challenge what information has been collected.

In her presentation Barbara Grabowska-Moroz spoke about how she was constantly forced to consider which of her communications might be under surveillance, and therefore she couldn’t speak over the phone to anti-government protesters or activists helping migrants.

“It's good for the court to see how surveillance affects everyday life,” she said to Courthouse News after the hearing, adding that they were happy with how their arguments went.

Watch the hearing here.

Read the full report by Courthouse News here.

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