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Barbara Grabowska-Moroz: What Can Non-Governmental Organizations Do Within EU Procedures for Safeguarding the Rule of Law?

“The process of erosion of democracy and the rule of law […] has led to the involvement of the EU institutions in the process of protecting the values on which the EU […] is built,” our Post-doctoral Fellow Barbara Grabowska-Moroz writes in the Wiktor Osiatynski Archive’s special report Unleashing the Power of EU Law.

“In addition to the governments of the Member States and the European Union institutions, the most important players in the ‘rule of law field’ include civil society organizations and initiatives. But what real opportunities do they have to participate in EU rule of law procedures?,” she asks.

The special report reflects on the innovative applications of EU law since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine – a moment that also proved to be a turning point in terms of the approach of EU institutions and governments of Member States to the rule of law crisis, especially in Hungary, but also in Poland.

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