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Bernadett Sebaly on the History of Civil Resistance in Hungary

Critically engaging with post-transition social struggles is a way of expanding our political imagination and a necessary step towards creating an attractive vision of the future, our Junior Research Affiliate Bernadett Sebaly and Eva Tessza Udvarhelyi (School of Public Life) write in their article on

The article begins with the story of more than hundred miners who stayed underground for five days in 1994 in Hungary to force the mine to stay open and save their jobs. The authors use the example to show the importance of our History of Our Struggles – Resource Bank about Hungarian Social Movements project.

“Due to the collaboration between the CEU Democracy Institute and the School of Public Life, hundreds of protests like the ones described above from these years are presented, so that through short one-paragraph summaries, the story of the post-transition struggles of different social groups - teachers, parents, students, health workers, disabled people, Roma people, women, farmers and many others - can be told,” they argue.

Read the full article (in Hungarian, subscription may be required) here.

Photo: Fortepan / Hegedűs Judit
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