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Event by Bibo Free University Featured by Hungarian Media

"There will be no nuclear war, and if the chances increase, then the threat will be communicated in a timely manner by responsible experts," Telex writes in its summary about the debate organized by our Istvan Bibo Free University.

According to the experts, Tamas Csiki Varga (University of Public Services), Peter Marton (Corvinus University), Peter Kreko (Political Capital) and Erzsebet Nagyne Rozsa (University of Public Services), making the nuclear threat a topic of conversation only strengthens Vladimir Putin, but using nuclear weapons would be a “huge leap even in the level of Russian abnormality,” and it’s not impossible that after the war countries around the world would consider sign even stricter treaties on the limitations of nuclear weapons.

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.

The debate was part of the series co-organized by the Bibo Free University and the CEU Democracy Institute, and aimed at presenting current cross-cutting policy issues through a moderated discussion by experts.

Another Hungarian news portal, also summarized the event. You may read the article here.

Telex also streamed the discussion live on its main page. You may re-watch the recording (in Hungarian) below

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