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Cesare Cuttica, Laszlo Kontler: Crisis and Renewal in the History of European Political Thought

The volume, edited by Cesare Cuttica and our Research Affiliate Laszlo Kontler, and published as part of the History of European Political and Constitutional Thought series by Brill, explores the complex theme of crisis in European political thought from antiquity to the twenty-first century.

It investigates the innovations in political thought that sprang from crisis, as well as the conceptual challenges thinkers faced when dealing with the devastation wrought by spiritual, economic and political crises. In so doing, the volume also examines the ways in which crisis often became the site of renewal.

As an object of theoretical reflection, and as a pivotal element of our vocabulary, the notion of crisis is often applied, indiscriminately and without clarity, to a huge variety of domains. The volume provides a historically informed analysis of what it means to reflect on and theorize about crisis.

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