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Zsolt Czigányik: Utopia in Eastern Central Europe – the Hungarian Scene

Our Research Fellow Zsolt Czigányik authored a chapter for the new volume The Oxford Handbook of Thomas More's Utopia, edited by Cathy Shrank and Phil Withington (Oxford University Press , 2023).

The chapter discusses the influence of Thomas Mores Utopia and utopian thought in Hungarian literature and culture with a special emphasis on the interaction of literature and political thought, especially concerning freedom of religion. A detailed (though not definitive) overview is given of utopian works in Hungarian literature, including some foreign authors active in Hungary. Utopias influence can be observed as continuously present in Hungarian literature from the sixteenth century onwards, while utopian notions were particularly influential in Hungary in the nineteenth century. The chapter also gives a brief analysis of the Hungarian translations of Utopia, and particular emphasis is laid on the role of religious denominations in its reception. It is also argued that utopia and dystopia appear as complementary, rather than opposing, concepts in Hungarian utopian works.

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