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Daniel Kovarek, Levente Littvay: Greater Than the Sum of Its Part(ie)s: Opposition Comeback in the 2019 Hungarian Local Elections

“In October 2019, Hungary has seen its most competitive election for a decade”, Levente Littvay, Research Affiliate of our De-/Re-Democratization Workgroup and Daniel Kovarek (CEU Doctoral School of Political Science) write in their article in East European Politics.

Their election report, published just a month before Hungary’s upcoming general elections scheduled in April 2022, discusses how a major Fidesz scandal, democratic innovations such as primaries, and micro-level, spatially focused policy promises helped the opposition to win Budapest's mayoral seat and 10 of the 23 larger cities. Using data from public opinion polls, Google Trends and a cross-national expert survey of mayors (POLLEADER), they draw a complex picture of the factors shaping Hungarian voters’ choices, which have wide-reaching implications about the united opposition’s future chances. 

Despite the opposition’s electoral breakthrough, largely attributed to their first-ever full-scale coordination, the authors conclude on a more subtle note, as Covid-19 and subsequent policy responses of Viktor Orban’s government have greatly undermined municipalities’ ability to present a clear alternative to ruling Fidesz. 

Read the full article here.

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