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DI Event Covered in Hungarian Media

Our event, “The Future of Rule of Law Constitutionalism in Hungary,” featured EP Vice President Michal Šimečka, Hungarian PM Candidate Péter Márki-Zay, Princeton Professor Kim Lane Scheppele, our Senior Research Fellow András Sajó, our Co-Director Renáta Uitz, and was moderated by New York Times journalist Benjamin Novak.

The online event has been covered widely by national Hungarian media. The most trusted news source, HVG,  published a thorough summary. “There was a basic consensus that Fidesz’s Fundamental Law in its current form is indeed bordering on unconstitutionality, but in case of a change in the government, there won’t be an easy way out of the constitutional trap,” they wrote. also summarized the discussion, highlighting that “Márki-Zay made it clear that they will not change two-third-laws with a simple majority, but they will collect and compile a bunch of unconstitutional decisions made during the Fidesz regime, which must be changed in any case.” also published summary of the discussion, focusing on Márki-Zay’s plans about writing a new constitution and then seeking a referendum to ratify it, and dissolving the Media Council and liberating the press, among others.

Watch the discussion here