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DI Event Covered by Hungarian Media

Polarizing public opinion along new, more favorable issues, or finding common ground can help the Hungarian opposition, writes in a summary of our discussion co-organized with the CEU Political Science Department.

The event, entitled Will the Orbán Regime Survive or Fall? Roundtable on the 2022 Hungarian Elections featured our Research Affiliate András Bozóki, Professor at the CEU Department of Political Science; our Research Affiliate Jennifer McCoy, Professor of Political Science at Georgia State University and non-resident scholar at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Carolina Plescia, Assistant Professor at the Department of Government, Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna, and was moderated by our Research Affiliate Zoltán Miklósi, Associate Professor at the CEU Department of Political Science.

The article also writes about the survey Carolina Plescia presented at the event. According to its results, which differ significantly from recent opinion polls, and even fall far outside their margin of error, the Hungarian opposition has a significant lead, but the survey is not a traditional election poll, and highly qualified voters are overrepresented in the sample.

Read the full article (in Hungarian) here.

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