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Dorottya Redai on Children in Orban’s Propaganda

“In this referendum, children have become a tool in the Orban government's anti-LGBTQ propaganda,” our Research Affiliate Dorottya Redai wrote in her op-ed on

She analyzed the upcoming referendum “with manipulative questions targeting people's unease and anxiety about sexual minorities.” “Essentially, the referendum is asking people whether they want their children exposed to homosexual propaganda in school and the media,” she pointed out.

“From a legal perspective, this Sunday's referendum doesn't really make much sense,” she argued, adding that “the true purpose of the referendum -- given its timing -- is to deliver the government's election campaign message that Hungarian citizens and their children are threatened by 'homosexual propaganda' coming from the 'decaying West.' And that Orban, once again, is the great protector of traditional national values.”

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