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Dorottya Redai: Comparative Overview of the Capacity of the Education Systems of Five Central Eastern European Countries To Adapt To Changing Gender Roles

The fourth study of our Future Challenges to Education Systems in Central Eastern European Context project, written by our Research Fellow, Dorottya Redai, is available now.

The project focuses on the ability of the Central-Eastern European education systems to adapt to disruptive future challenges, such as technological changes and their impact on labor markets, demographic changes (ageing, migration, etc.), climate change, populist politics and autocratic governance, old and new inequalities, or changing gender roles.

The paper conceptualizes the characteristics of education systems and schools which are able to handle gender inequalities and assesses the state of the art of the educational systems in this respect in 5 CEE countries: Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovakia.

Download the study here.

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