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Dorottya Redai Quoted by AP on Being Named to TIME100

On the occasion of being named by TIME to the 2021 TIME100, its annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, AP interviewed our Research Fellow, Dorottya Redai.

Dorottya Redai was named to the list “for her work on a children’s book that set in motion a debate over human rights” in Hungary, the article writes, and it also describes the atmosphere in which the book was published.

“It was really like a tsunami of media and politicians saying really unimaginable things about how we corrupt children,” Redai said to AP, adding that “the book became immediately branded as an LGBT book, which it really isn’t.”

She also talked about her hope that her placement on the magazine’s list “gives encouragement to LGBT people who are not necessarily activists, to say, ‘You are not alone, the whole world is watching you, so you should hold on.’”

The AP story was covered by mainstream media outlets all over the world, including The Independent, Washington Post, Daily Mail, New York Post, ABC, and Haaretz, among many others.

Read the full AP article here

Cover photo: CEU / Zoltan Adrian, Kepszerkesztoseg
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