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Dorottya Redai Receives Emma Goldman Snowball Award

We are happy to announce that our Research Fellow Dorottya Redai has received the Emma Goldman Snowball Award of the FLAX Foundation.

The foundation created two awards for talented and engaged scholars on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, and are meant to support their research and development. The Emma Goldman Awards are awarded yearly to between 5 and 10 selected excellent candidates. The Emma Goldman Snowball Awards are awarded to early-career researchers who are nominated by the Emma Goldman awardees. In this way, the FLAX Foundation increases its knowledge of the field, and creates opportunities for networking and mentoring among its awardees. Through this two-step approach, the FLAX Foundation’s network and reach will increase with every year’s awards.

The awardees are selected based on the following criteria: extraordinary expertise on, and engagement with, scholarship in the field of feminist and inequality issues; track record of substantial contributions to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe; track record of collaboration and solidarity; public spirit; originality; insight into their chosen field; and potential for future contribution to knowledge.

Dorottya Redai was nominated by Andrea Krizsan (Senior Research Fellow at the CEU Democracy Institute and recipient of previous year’s Emma Goldman award) for her interdisciplinary and unwavering work as an independent scholar and activist working on gender in education.

“This award brings international acknowledgement for both my activist and academic work from people whose work I respect.

It gives me reassurance and encouragement while I am having a hard time working in a country where the kind of work I do is undervalued and the field I work in is not considered to be science.

It also gives me a chance to slow down for a while and plan my next career steps,” Dorottya Redai said.

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