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Dorottya Szikra Joins EC High-Level Group on Social Protection

We are happy to announce that our Research Fellow Dorottya Szikra joined the European Commission's High-level Group on the Future of Social Protection and of the Welfare State.

The main aim of the High-level Expert Group is to reflect on how to make social protection systems and the welfare state fit for the future, particularly in light of mega trends such as the demographic changes resulting in a shrinking workforce and an ageing population, transformations on the labor market accompanying the digital and green transitions, including the increase in non-standard forms of work, globalization, as well as the emergence of new risks.

In its work, the Group will build on the lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic and consider the interaction between social protection systems and other welfare policies, such as education, social inclusion, disability, healthcare and long-term care.

The group should develop a vision on how to reinforce social protection systems and welfare state in light of ongoing and new challenges, in a medium to long-term (looking ahead to 2030), to inform debates at EU and national levels and inspire reforms.

The group is chaired by Anna Diamantopoulou, former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Research areas: