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Edit Zgut-Przybylska on How the Orbán Regime Cannot Be Stopped by Legal Threats Alone

Orbán's regime fosters intimidation and coercion that cannot be stopped by legal changes alone, our re:constitution Fellow Edit Zgut-Przybylska told news agency Bloomberg.

The article discusses how the EU's financial threats have emboldened rather than undermined Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Zgut-Pryblyska is quoted as saying,

"The linchpin of the Orbán regime is that it fosters a chilling effect, intimidation, and coercion informally, which legislative changes alone cannot address effectively."

Compared with Poland, where the pro-EU opposition prevailed at the election, Orbán’s system was too entrenched by the time the EU got serious about confronting it, she said. According to her, the EU needs to get tougher with Hungary.

Read the full article here.

Cover photo: Viktor Orbán / Facebook
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