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Edited Lives - Bioethical Visions?

Genetic engineering has given researchers a number of possible interventions, which are profoundly influenced by twenty-first century biopolitics, health care and bioethics.

Do we already have enough knowledge to construct human genes? Should we use this technique for embryos? How do biotechnology and ethics correlate? The latest lecture of the Borderless Knowledge series, housed at the CEU Democracy Institute addressed these questions, and many more.


  • Judit Sándor, Professor at CEU, Director of the Center of Bioethics and Law at CEU, Member of the Directing Committee at Medical World Association of Law, former director of the Bioethics Department at UNESCO
  • András Dinnyés, HCEMM – Professor at University of Szeged, director of Biotalentum Ltd.
  • Péter Kakuk, Bioethicist, Researcher at CEU’s Center of Bioethics and Law, research-ethics advisor at WHO, President of European Society for Philosopy of Medicine and Healthcare

The lecture is available in Hungarian, with English subtitles:

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