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Elena Basheska: EU Enlargement in Disregard of the Rule of Law

Enlargement of the European Union is a process intertwined in politics more so than rule of law, Elena Basheska, our post-doctoral research fellow, writes in the Hague Journal on the Rule of Law

Its overpoliticization renders the EU's enlargement statute ineffective, undermining both the pre-accession process' transformative effect and the EU's values, she argues. The issues with the implementation of the enlargement conditions for bilateral disputes became particularly pronounced in the case of accession of the Western Balkan countries, she continues, adding that the inability to apply the principle of conditionality effectively is owed to a lack of predictability and, as a result, the rule of law. For the rule of law and the EU's credibility to be restored, she writes, a revaluation of the conditions for the settlement of bilateral disputes within the EU enlargement framework, a clear EU perspective, and a workable way forward are urgently needed.   

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