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From Eric Zemmour to Key Books in 2021: Latest in RevDem

Read the latest publications by the Review of Democracy, our online journal.

Three Tales About France and Eric Zemmour

The French presidential election will be held in April. Michal Matlak writes about President Macron's most controversial rival, Eric Zemmour.

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Bridging Brexit and Polexit? Reforming EU Withdrawal

This op-ed by Oliver Garner considers whether the reforms to the EU withdrawal that use the lessons of Brexit to address the possibility of “Polexit” can be helpful in resolving the ongoing values crisis in the EU

Read it here.

Dirk Moses on the Diplomacy of Genocide and the Sinister Ambition of Permanent Security

Dirk Moses in the second part of his conversation with Ferenc Laczo on the diplomacy of genocide and the deeply sinister ambitions of permanent security

Read or listen to it here.

The Rise of the EU Marked the End of the Universal Welfare State: Varela on People’s Histories

Agnė Rimkutė discusses with Raquel Varela the importance of seeing the working classes as actors in the historical process and the implications of people’s history for our understanding of democracy.

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Feinberg: De-Pathologizing the Recent History of Eastern Europe

This article presents an interview with Melissa Feinberg, hosted by Ferenc Laczo, on her recently published textbook Communism in Eastern Europe.

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Richard Youngs on the Resilience of Democracy

Richard Youngs in conversation with Michal Matlak about citizens’ attitudes towards democracy, transformative power of protests movements, citizens’ assemblies as well as democratic innovations on the European level.

Read or listen to it here.

2021’s End of Year Special Podcast

RevDem editors Laszlo Bruszt, Oliver Garner, Kasia Krzyżanowska, Ferenc Laczo, and Michal Matlak discuss their favorite RevDem content, as well as the year’s highlights and the most significant developments of the first year of the Review of Democracy.

Listen to it here.

6 Key 2021 Books: Rule of Law and the Future of Europe

Oliver Garner and Michał Matlak, the Review of Democracy editors, select 5 most important books in two areas: Rule of Law and the Future of Europe.

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5 Key 2021 Books in Political Economy

Gábor Scheiring, head of Political Economy section at the Review of Democracy, selects five of the most intriguing books in realm of political economy.

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5 Key 2021 Books in the History of Ideas

Ferenc Laczó, editor of the History of Ideas section at the Review of Democracy, presents five key books in intellectual history in 2021.

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The Problems of Genocide: Dirk Moses on the Language of Transgression and the Genocide Convention in Context (Part I)

Dirk Moses in conversation with Ferenc Laczo on his last book “The Problems of Genocide. Permanent Security and the Language of Transgression”.

Read or listen to it here.

Future of Europe: It’s Not About Treaty Change, It’s About European Democracy

Michal Matlak interviews Alberto Alemanno in the aftermath of the publication of the first batch of recommendations coming from the Conference on the Future of Europe Citizens’ Panel.

Read or listen to it here.

Marius Turda: The Idea of Race Across Centuries and Our Current Moment of Reckoning

Marius Turda in conversation with Ferenc Laczo about his recent 6-book series on A Cultural History of Race, which traces the concept of race from antiquity to modernity.

Read or listen to it here.