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Erin Jenne, Peter Visnovitz: Populist Argumentation in Foreign Policy: The Case of Hungary Under Viktor Orbán, 2010–2020

“In foreign policy populism serves as a political argument to enable status elevation on the international stage,” our Research Affiliate Erin K. Jenne and Peter Visnovitz argue in their article published as part of a special issue on populism in foreign policy in Comparative European Politics.

To illustrate this mechanism in action, the authors analyze the foreign policy rhetoric, government organization and behavior of the 2010–2020 Fidesz governments in Hungary, showing how populist argumentation was used to justify revisionist foreign policy through (1) the politicization of diplomatic machinery, (2) confrontation with traditional allies, and (3), the pursuit of more flexible partnerships.

In these three respects, the authors show how populist arguments were used by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to achieve a revolution in Hungarian foreign affairs.

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