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Erin Jenne Receives CEU 2022 Research Excellence Award

Our Research Affiliate Erin Jenne has been selected as the recipient of the 2022 CEU Research Excellence Award for her exceptional performance in terms of research and publications this academic year.

She published 8 peer-reviewed book chapters and journal articles this academic year, all in high quality outlets, on topics ranging from populism, national identity, diaspora politics and foreign policy to great powers. Her research output builds on CEU resources and strengthened collaborative research networks across departments and between students and faculty, while still making strong contributions to her fields of international relations, nationalism and security studies. Her publications showcase a range of methodological skills—from quantitative techniques to positivist qualitative case research to discourse analytic work.

Previously, in 2018, Professor Jenne also received the CEU Teaching Excellence Award, which recognizes CEU faculty members for promoting high standards of teaching, linked with the mission and institutional ambitions of CEU.

Research areas: