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EU Rule of Law Case-Law: Crucial Recent Developments

The European Court of Justice is behind a recent and genuine enhancement of European constitutionalism, placing the rule of law, a long-established value and principle of EU law, at the center stage. This rule of law-enhancing process of re-articulation of EU constitutionalism is ongoing and represents the Court of Justice’s incrementalist response to the process of rule of law backsliding which first emerged in Hungary before spreading to Poland. This event aims to present and critically analyze this judicial response on a case-by-case basis taking the Court’s judgment in Case C-64/16, ASJP (Portuguese Judges) as a departure point and its judgment in Case C-896/19, Repubblika (Maltese Judges) as a provisional end point. (Background reading)

Co-organized with re:constitution and RECONNECT, the first public event of CEU Democracy Institute’s Rule of Law Working Group allowed key DI experts engaged with the case-law to outline the bigger picture, while focusing on crucial details. 

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  • Barbara Grabowska-Moroz, Research Fellow, Rule of Law Workgroup, CEU Democracy Institute
  • Dimitry Kochenov, lead researcher, Rule of Law Workgroup, CEU Democracy Institute; PI on 'Rule of Law Practices,' Horizon2020 RECONNECT consortium
  • Laurent Pech, Senior Research Fellow, Rule of Law Workgroup, CEU Democracy Institut, PI within the framework of RECONNECT
  • Petra Bard (moderator), Researcher, CEU Legal Studies Department; Research Affiliate, Rule of Law Workgroup, CEU Democracy Institute; Associate Professor, ELTE
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