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Eva Bognar on Disinformation in the Hungarian Election Campaign

Before the Hungarian elections, pro-government media employed “smear campaigns and disinformation – narratives that are in favor of and produced by the government,” our Senior Program Officer and Researcher Eva Bognar told the Los Angeles Times.

The article looks at Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s “cozy relationship” with Russian president Vladimir Putin and his defiant stance towards the EU. It also cites Orban mocking Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his victory speech on election night.

Exploring Orban’s landslide election victory, the article names his tight grip on the media as one of the reasons. Eva Bognar is reported in the article as saying that state-run media marches in lockstep with the government, and many previously independent media outlets have been bought up by Orban’s allies.

“There are concrete disinformation campaigns that are familiar to those who study Russian propaganda,” she said, adding that in recent weeks, “there were two main topics: the war in Ukraine, and the election campaign, which was not unrelated to the war.”

Read the full article here.

Photo: Facebook / Orban Viktor
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