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Eva Fodor and Andrea Krizsan Promoted to Professor

We are happy to announce the promotion of Eva Fodor and Andrea Krizsan to the position of Professor/Senior Research Fellow. The advancement is CEU’s recognition of and testament to their achievements in their respective fields.

Eva Fodor is Co-Director of the CEU Democracy Institute and Professor of Gender Studies, working in the field of comparative social inequalities. She is interested in how and why gender differences in the labor market and elsewhere are reshaped, renegotiated and reproduced in different societies. Her current research interests include the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the division of care work, and the transformation of the foster care system in Hungary as a case study of how an illiberal regime has reengineered an aspect of the welfare state. In yet another research strand she explores the gendered construction of the ideal worker in the finance sector as well as the experience of the motherhood penalty among professional and working class women.

Andrea Krizsan is Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute and Professor at the School of Public Policy and the Department of Gender Studies. She is interested in understanding policy change in countries of Central and Eastern Europe. She works on different equality policy fields including gender equality policy, policies on gender based violence, policies addressing ethnic inequalities and intersectionality. Her current research aims to analyze the politics of policy backsliding in times of crisis and illiberal democracy and forms of resistance to such reversal. She is the recipient of the inaugural Emma Goldman Award for her substantial contributions to the study of feminist and inequality issues in Europe.

Research areas: