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Eva Fodor on Gender Equality and Violence Against Women

"Some countries have taken a step back. Hungary, Poland, and Turkey are such examples,” our Co-Director Eva Fodor said to Euronews on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (November 25).

“The Hungarian government has also refused to ratify the Istanbul convention, and Poland has withdrawn from it," she continued, adding that the Hungarian government refuses to endorse EU gender equality measures.

"The Hungarian government has not done a lot to increase equality between men and women. Instead, the government refuses to acknowledge the concept of gender and claims this is one of the reasons why they have rejected the Istanbul convention too," she said, and continued: "They argue there is no difference of gender, there is only a biological difference between men and women, and use this excuse not to endorse EU gender equality measures and not to put in place other regulations that could protect women."

"I believe that we cannot do enough to protect women against violence, especially in a context where this kind of violence is increasing because of the pandemic and, again, especially in a context where a lot of governments are refusing to do anything about it," Eva Fodor said.

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Image: Flickr / UN Women
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